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Dishwasher for a michelin star restaurant

  • Zeeuws-Vlaanderen
  • VMBO
  • Fulltime
Always wanted to work in a Michelin star restaurant? Now is your chance!
You can start a fulltime job as dishwasher at a Michelin star restaurant in Cadzand-Bad right away.
About the restaurant:
The restaurant of our client serves their customers the highest quality in the dishes, the mise-en-place and in the overall experience. To achieve this level of quality, the restaurant needs an excellent team of staff members. If you are good-humoured, willing to work hard and hands-on, then you would fit in this restaurant's team like no other! 
Experience with restaurant dishwashing is not necessary in this job, but of course, if you are an experienced dishwasher, we'd be glad to get in touch with you! In any case, this restaurant is the perfect place to learn the tricks of the trade. And if you have the ambition to grow further in your job at this restaurants, then you can count on good guidance and great career opportunities here. Upon mutual satisfaction, with good motivation and a healthy drive, you could be looking at a permanent job here!
About the job:
As a dishwasher in this restaurant, you work in the kitchen in cooperation with the kitchen staff, to clean all the dirty dishes that are coming in from the customers in the restaurant and from the chefs in the kitchen. For that, you use a highly professional dishwashing machine. In addition to cleaning the dishes in the machine, you also wash certain delicate dishes or kitchenware by hand. With a tea towel, you dry off the dishes, so that they can be used again quickly by the kitchen staff. This work has to be done fast, so there is some pressure and working hard is part of this job!
You will receive the work schedule every week from the restaurant. They work in two or three shifts, depending on reservations. There's a day shift from 10.00 o'clock until 17.00 o'clock, an evening shift from 17.00 o'clock until 23.00 o'clock (or later) and when needed, there is an evening shift from 19.00 o'clock until closing time. The restaurant has their closing days on wednesday and thursday, so your work schedule runs from friday until tuesday. 
You can start right away in this restaurant, so what are you waiting for?!
Apply through the green button on this website. Upload your data in the form and write in the comments section when you could start in this job. After receiving your application, we'll contact you as soon as possible.
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