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Moving to the Netherlands? Here are some tips on where to start and what steps to take!

You’ve come to the decision to try your luck in the Netherlands and move to our country to work here. But where do you start? What steps can you take to find a good job? And how do you separate the good offers from the bad? In this article, we’ll help you with these questions and offer advice from our own experience. We’ll also share a testimonial from one of our employees, who had a successful move to the Netherlands and poses as a good example.

There are countless employment agencies, recruitment bureaus and other such companies in the Netherlands, to choose from, to start your job search in the Netherlands. It can be an overwhelming and difficult to navigate landscape to get caught up in. So instead of just googling ‘employment agency’ or ‘job vacancy Netherlands’, start your journey first by determining what wishes you have on the following points:

  • Where in the Netherlands would I see myself living?
  • What kind of work would I like to do in the Netherlands?
  • What kind of work could I do in the Netherlands, in terms of language barrier, validity of diplomas already obtained in my country and the work experience that I’ve gained.

When you’ve answered the above questions, you can start looking for a job directly at a company, or bring in the help of an employment agency or recruitment bureau that fits your profile and your wishes well. Employment agencies and recruitment bureaus usually offer a more full-service mediation and cost you less time, since they’ll do the job search for you.

If your answers to the questions above lead you to Zeeland, we would be happy to be of assistance in helping you to find a job and arrange a house for you. The following steps will give you an idea of how we work:

  1. After your application comes in (through the website, a phone call or an e-mail), we schedule an intake with you, through a (video) call.
  2. During and after the intake we’ll discuss the different job options with you and start proposing your profile to the interesting companies in the area.
  3. Once the job is arranged, we can start planning your arrival in the Netherlands. Our colleague Daan, who is solely responsible for the housing, will contact you about the house you’ll live in and other important information.
  4. Next to a house, we can also offer you a pick-up service from several entry points to our region (Train station Knokke or Brugge, Ferry harbour Breskens and such), a bike to use when you work and live here, arrange your appointment to the City Council in Terneuzen to retrieve your social security number, arrange your visit to our office to finalize all administrations and make your contract and many other important things you would need help with.
  5. After this, you are ready to go and start your job in Zeeland! If all goes well and your employer is satisfied, we can look at the possibilities to offer you a language course or other courses/trainings that are necessary for your job. Eventually, you might be offered a permanent contract – either with Matchpoint or with your direct employer – and find a house of your own. Just like one of our exemplary employees and tenants, Marionit! We share her story here below.

Marionit came to us in the midst of the pandemic last year and started working as a housekeeper in a luxurious hotel. In her own words:
“Due to the bad economic situation in Spain, caused by the COVID-19 virus at the beginning of last year, I decided to contact Matchpoint Banen agency. I had already heard about them and this beautiful country through recommendations from my friends. So, I started looking for the opportunity to come to work in Holland with Matchpoint Banen.

The Matchpoint Banen team not only supported me in looking for a good job, but also organized everything from the moment I arrived at the airport (accommodation, BSN number, contract, ...). That is quite important if you are coming to work to this country for the first time.

I have had a good experience not only because of the job but also at the place I have lived. The south of Zealand is a beautiful, safe and quiet place. Although the weather is often wet and windy, the sun finally appears and surprises you with beautiful days. Those are the days that many people here go out riding a bike and also go around for a walk. The people are very kind, the town and the nature are beautiful. My favourite place is the beach, although cold but amazing... you can smell the salty sea air!

In my opinion, I think I have chosen a good place for living and working. I am satisfied with the experience. Matchpoint has marked a before and after in my life and that is not forgotten. I want to thank the Matchpoint team for the support they have given to me.”

After a year and a few months of hard work and good motivation by Marionit, the hotel decided to give her a direct, permanent contract with them. Next to that, Marionit has found her own apartment very close to the hotel. As a way of saying thank you to our team, she has given us presents from het home town Madrid!

Her story is a true success story! Follow her example and apply today for a job at Matchpoint Banen and accommodation in a Matchpoint Residence!